Embedded systems are typically characterized by compact size, low power consumption, and high flexibility and functionality. With the advent of artificial intelligence, the integration of AI with embedded systems has led to the enhancement of various products and technologies, thereby improving overall efficiency and convenience. In limited space, storage devices must run in high speeds and with law latency. Meanwhile, some systems are deployed in special environments, facing challenges such as shocks, crashes, and other disruptive factors. Thus, high durability and reliability are also paramount. Storage devices in embedded applications should be carefully selected, considering factors such as performance, power consumption, and reliability in order to achieve consistent and sustained performance.


  • Industrial Computers
  • Industrial Tablets
  • In-Vehicle Navigation Systems
  • Smart Wearable Devices
  • Unmanned Stores
  • Remote Monitoring Systems

Challenges & Solutions

Efficient Storage

High-Performance & Real-Time Response

High Quality & Efficient Storage

Embedded systems in modern days need to handle more sophisticated tasks and process large volumes of data in a short period of time. Transcend's PCIe Gen 4 SSDs, SD/microSD cards, and USB flash drives are built with BiCS5 flash, delivering blistering speeds and near-instant response times. With storage capacity reaching up to 8TB, our products offer ample space to house valuable data. Transcend also presents new-gen DDR5 DRAM modules with super-high bandwidth and low latency, providing embedded systems with more powerful data processing capabilities.

Physical Space Limit of Embedded Systems

M.2 2242/2230 Form Factor

Embedded systems are usually designed with compactness in mind to fit within space-constrained enclosures. Transcend's SSDs are available in M.2 2242 and M.2 2230 form factors, making them ideal for installation in compact devices. By optimizing component layout and leveraging new process technology, space can be conserved without sacrificing performance.

Stability & Reliability

High Adaptability to Extreme Temperatures

Extended Temperature & Wide Temperature Technology

Environmental complexity is a vital factor to consider when choosing storage devices for embedded systems. Transcend's BiCS5 SSDs, memory cards, and USB flash drives can operate under Extended Temperature range (-20°C~75°C), and Wide Temperature (-40°C~85°C) models are available upon request, ensuring the utmost reliability in extreme temperatures. Our DDR5/DDR4 DRAM modules extend this range even further, ensuring reliable performance in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 95°C.

Learn more about Extended Temperature Learn more about Wide Temperature

Remarkable Resilience in Harsh Environments

Corner Bond & Anti-Sulfur Technology

To enhance device reliability and strengthen its resistance against external interruptions, Transcend applies Corner Bond on all BiCS5 SSDs. This technology reinforces the bond between key components and PCBs, elevating stress endurance and shock resistance. Also, Transcend adopts anti-sulfur resistors on BiCS5 SSDs to minimize chemical damage, ensuring stable operation and longer product longevity in aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industries.

Learn more about Corner Bond Learn more about Anti-Sulfur

Data Integrity & Reliable Operation

ECC Mechanism

Embedded systems often need to carefully handle critical data, including system commands, operational logs, and equipment status. ECC (error correction code) mechanism can identify and correct bit errors in flash memory to ensure high data integrity, significantly reducing the risk of system breakdowns and ensuring the accurate execution of tasks.

Long-Term Supply

Sustainable Long-Term Supply

Effective Product Lifecycle Management

Transcend possesses a comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) mechanism, adopting different management strategies at various stages to ensure stable supply and consistent quality. With over three decades of experience in memory product manufacturing, we maintain long-term strategic partnerships with renowned suppliers in the world, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality NAND flash memory and controller. We work closely with our partners to implement rigorous chip and memory packaging testing processes, guaranteeing product quality and reliability.

Embedded Software Solution: Control Center

To better manage data processing centers, Transcend's Control Center software allows instant management of edge storage devices, either on premise or in the cloud. Transcend also further utilizes the data accumulated to provide a reliable forecast and optimized advice, helping enterprises to analyze the demands and achieve higher cost efficiency.

  • Integrated and user-friendly interface
  • SDK (Self Development Kit) for seamless implementation in different operating systems
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) solution on AWS and Azure
  • OTA device update and efficient management
Learn more about Control Center

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