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In the era of IoT, connection begets connection. The number of endpoint devices connected via the 5G IoT is said to grow exponentially over the next decade. This expansion will engender three challenges: device maintenance on a grand scale, an increased need to mitigate operational instability, and ensuring the optimal prioritization of information flows between core systems and edge devices.

Geared to work seamlessly with many apps and systems, the Transcend Control Center addresses all of the challenges of the IoT era by managing data agilely in the cloud and on local network. This decreases the possible latency issue, and alleviates network load, providing security and mobility to users. With a balanced approach to cloud and on-premise needs, the Control Center is a flexible solution for corporate users.

Organize your business efficiently.
  • Dashboard
  • Device List
  • Firmware
  • Information

Information consolidated

The Control Center offers data analysis in graphic form and boasts an intuitive interface and dashboard layout for easy management.

All supported

The Control Center can be applied to various Transcend embedded solutions. Here, relevant information and operating status of SSDs, DRAM modules, and SD/microSD cards are made easily available.

*Transcend's RDF5 card reader is required for SD/microSD cards.

Remote upgrade

Through central management, devices are upgraded instantly and remotely to retain the upmost performance, offering the optimized efficiency and proactive maintenance, helping busy enterprises stay focused.

Real-time monitoring

The platform allows instant check on system information, storage capacity, health status, and remaining lifespan.

Transcend’s Control Center is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution built for storage devices. It assists users to connect, monitor, and manage them in servers, edge devices, or IoT equipment. Control Center can be easily deployed on AWS or Azure, and is compatible with any devices that support the MQTT network protocol. Available on Windows and Linux OS, Control Center cloud solution effectively lowers the costs for enterprises to access the cloud while removing the hardware limitations for cloud deployment. With just a few simple commands, you can fully manage IoT assets at scale. Through AWS and Azure Marketplace, enterprises can quickly subscribe and deploy Control Center in the public cloud. Transcend also provides AWS/Azure frameworks for IT developers to run the application smoothly.

You can count on us.
Tailor-made SDK

The built-in Software Development Kit (SDK) facilitates seamless integration with your current system, such as Windows and Linux, to carry out smooth operation.

Remote Upgrades & Monitoring

Users can remotely check on devices' health status, monitoring device life, temperature, and unexpected power outages. When anomalies are detected, remote system maintenance and firmware upgrade can be carried out in real time.

Early Warning System(EWS) & Instant Notices

The Control Center will notify users immediately for any possible issues via email and SMS to retain the optimum performance of the devices, offering the optimized efficiency and proactive response.

Flexible Management in the Cloud & on Premise

The Control Center not only allows companies to manage via the cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.), but simultaneously within their local network. Data collected will only be saved within the company network instead of on the cloud, leveling up security and privacy.

Comprehensive Security Mechanism

The Control Center is secured by an SSL certificate. Confidential data transferring between the center and edge devices, or between one edge device and another, via a secure channel can be protected and not be read or modified by others.

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